Where are the Rehearsal Rooms Apartments?

Rehearsal Rooms Apartments is located on Victoria Road, W3 6HU in North Acton right near the North Acton tube station where you can jump straight onto the Central Line.


Who are LIV Group?

LIV Group manage this building on behalf of M&G Real Estate and are a property management consultancy specialising in the private rental sector, particularly with built to rent developments. If you need further information on Liv Group and what they do please feel free to visit their website here – http://www.liv-group.co.uk


Are your apartments available to buy?

No, our apartments have been built specifically to rent. We have even created a rental community with lots of resident benefits exclusively for our residents.


What resident’s facilities are available for tenants?

We have lots of facilities that are exclusively available for residents. These include a rooftop allotment, a rooftop BBQ terrace, an onsite concierge, superfast Wi-Fi, a resident’s entertainment lounge and a resident’s smart app.


What amenities are nearby?

On the ground floor of the Rehearsal Rooms Apartments is a handy Sainsbury’s convenience store where residents can pick up groceries as and when needed. The North Acton tube station is practically on your doorstep so you can hop straight on the central line if you need to get into the City. There are also lots of shops, eateries and cafes within easy walking distance.


Do you charge any upfront fees?

When you decide to rent one of our apartments you will need to pay an initial holding deposit  of £250.00 in order to secure the property, this amount will be deducted from your deposit due when you move into the property..  There is also an application fee of £114.00 (inc VAT) per applicant, this is to complete referencing checks and relevant tenancy paperwork. The administration fee is non-refundable.…..


Is there a deposit?

Yes there is a deposit required equivalent to 1.5 month rent. This is payable in 3 days in advance of you moving into the property.


What payment methods can I use?

You can pay your initial booking fees by credit/debit card. Monthly rent will be required via standing order.


Are utilities included in the rent?

Utility bills are not included in the rental price.  At the agree point of signing your tenancy, the existing utility suppliers will be notified of your tenancy start date. Please note we do not pass any personal contact details to third parties providers without your consent.


When will my rent be due each month?

Rent will be required on 01st of every month by standing order.


Will there be any rent increases during my tenancy?

There will not be any rent increases within the first 12 months of your tenancy. However we do reserve the right to propose rental increase on the anniversary of your tenancy.


How do I view one of your apartments?

If you are interested in arranging a viewing at one of our apartments then we ask that you send an email to enquire@rehearsalrooms.com or call 0333 210 0043 and one of our team will make the arrangements for you to come and view one of the apartments.


Will I be shown around the building at my viewing?

We will be more than happy to show you around the rest of the building so that you can get a good idea of what it is like to live in the rental community here at the Rehearsal Rooms. We will show you around the rooftop allotments, the BBQ terrace, and the resident’s entertainment lounge.


Are there any resident social events at the Rehearsal Rooms Apartments?

We do host resident events which we will notify residents about via the smartphone app, social media or advertising around the building.


Is there a minimum or maximum contract length?

Our minimum tenancy length at Rehearsal Rooms is 12 months.


Can I rent an apartment if I am coming from overseas?

Yes you can. We have many tenants living at Rehearsal Rooms who have transferred from overseas. We do however have a number of requirements and processes that overseas tenants need to provide. This includes a valid and up to date passport, 3 month rent up front or a UK guarantor. We also require that we meet you face to face before processing your reserving your apartment.  If you do not have a UK based guarantor, we do also accept Housing Hand as a nominated guarantor service provider.


How long is the apartment reservation process?

The referencing process may last anywhere between 2 to 4 week dependent on the timely return of your references. We ask that you notify your current landlord and employers that a request for a reference will be submitted from LIV Group.


Who can rent one of your properties?

Anyone who passes the respective referencing and affordability checks and who is over 18 years of age. If you’re unsure of the criteria, one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to discuss this with you on your initial enquiry or at the viewing itself.


Is there an onsite management team?

Yes, we have an onsite  Resident Services Manager and Buildings Manager that will be on hand should you need any help, support or advice regarding your new home.


Are the apartments furnished?

The apartments do not come furnished as standard however tenants can purchase a contemporary furniture package at an additional monthly cost. Our friendly team are more than happy to discuss furnishing options with you either on the initial enquiry or during the viewing itself. Just speak to your onsite resident services manager to make the arrangements.


Can unfurnished apartments be upgraded to furnished?

Yes, this can be arranged for an additional furnishing fee. We recommend you speak with the Resident Services Manager or Buildings Manager.


Are pets welcome at your apartments?

Yes pets are very welcome at our discretion. Please specify that you have a pet and what type of pet you own at the point of application.


What appliances will be provided, if any?

Rehearsal Rooms comes with full integrated appliances. As standard, each apartment has its own integrated oven, hob, microwave, double fridge freezer and dishwasher. A freestanding washer dryer is located in a storage cupboard in your hallway


Are the apartments non-smoking?

Yes all apartments are non-smoking.


Can I decorate my apartment?

Whilst we recognise that tenants wish to make their apartments more homely, we request you do not make any decorative or structural alterations without prior consent for LIV Group.

Do the apartments have internet access?

All apartments are connected to super-fast Wi-Fi with speeds up to 300mb. Rehearsal Rooms have negotiated preferential rates for their residents. Similar to utility costs, this is not included within the rent.


How do I report a maintenance issue?

We ask that you initially report any repairs and maintenance to your Portfolio Manager in the LIV Head Office to ensure the repair is actioned as quickly as possible. Whilst the Resident Service Manager and Buildings manager will endeavour to help you resolve your maintenance problem, they will likely refer this through to the Portfolio Manager on your behalf. You can also report any maintenance issues on our residents app.


Is there a refuse collection?

Bin stores are located within the car park area in Rehearsal Rooms on the ground floor. We ask that you keep both general and recycling waste separate and that you place them in the appropriate waste container


What is the moving process?

Once you have passed the referencing checks you will be referred onto your Portfolio Manager who will schedule a move in date and time that is convenient for you. The Portfolio Manager will send you a tenancy agreement along with a detailed breakdown of monies owing one week in advance of your tenancy commencing. It is important that you fully sign, return and make payment of monies due 3 days in advance of your tenancy commencing. Should LIV Group not have clear funds on the date of your move in this may delay your move in.


You will then attend site on the agreed date and time and meet with the Resident Services Manager who will provide you with a copy of the inventory, EPC, signed tenancy agreement and a residents guide. You will then be provided with the keys to your new home.


When are keys provided?

Keys will be provided on the date of your scheduled move in.


Do you offer support in moving in?

Yes, if you require assistance at move in LIV Group are more than happy to assist you with this. We ask that you provide us with 48 hours’ notice of your requirements to ensure we can facilitate this.


Do I need to pay for maintenance repairs?

In the event of tenant misuse you may be held liable for the repair costs.


Are there any regular inspections on the apartments?

LIV Group inspect apartment annually to ensure the property is being looked after. You will be notified no less than 24 hours prior to the inspection taking place.


What notice period do I need to give if I want to move out?

If you wish to terminate your tenancy at the end of the fixed term we ask that you provide 1 months’ notice in advance of this date.


How do I get my deposit back?

Once the Portfolio Manager has revised the check completed at the end of your tenancy, they will then request your bank account details and explain and proposed deductions (if any) from your deposit. We anticipate from the day you agree to any proposed deduction the return will take approximately 3 to 5 working days. If there are no deductions, this is 3 to 5 working days from the date you provide your bank details.


Who do I hand keys back to?

You will return your keys to the Resident Services Manager or Buildings Manager on the day of your tenancy termination. They will then complete a checkout report which is submitted to the Portfolio Manager within 48 hours.


Is there an inventory check list?

Yes, the Resident Services Manager or Buildings Manager will complete a check out report and compare the condition of the property against the condition on the inventory at move in. You will be notified of proposed deductions prior to there being any refund of your deposit.

Do I need to hire a cleaner at my own expense when moving out?

This is discretionary; we ask that the apartment is returned in the condition it was let in.


How many keys will I be issued with my apartment?

LIV Group will provide you with one key per tenant. A management key will be held on site for your apartment. This key will not be used without your express consent except for in the event of an emergency.


How many people can I have living in my apartment?

Each apartment has a recommended limit on the number of people living there. For a 1 bedroom apartment this is 2 people; For a 2 bedroom apartment this is 4 people and for a 3 bedroom apartment this is 6 people.


Are there any rules on the amount of visitors I can have at once?

There is no restriction however we ask that both tenants and their visitors are respectful of their neighbours. Tenants are responsible for their visitors whilst they are onsite and any damage caused by a visitor will be charged to the tenant themselves.


Do the apartments have a telephone line?

All apartments will have a functioning telephone line available at the point of moving into the property.